Estimated time for announcement of the result of the Watford General Election

Readers planning to stay up all night will likely hear the result of the Watford General Election in the early hours of this morning.

The returns come in all night long and the 650 different constituencies do not finish their counts at the same time.

The future MP for Watford is expected to be announced at 3am, which is slightly earlier than the national average.

Blyth and Ashington are expected to be the first places to be announced, soon at 11.30pm. In six other areas, it could take until 6.30am for the votes to be confirmed.

Results for South West Hertfordshire are expected at 3:45am, for Hertsmere at 4:00am and the result for Hemel Hempstead should be known at 5:00am.

All times are approximate and may be affected by issues such as delays in verifying and counting ballots or recounts.

This election saw significant boundary changes, including for Watford, meaning there is considerable uncertainty about some of the timing.

Polling stations opened today (July 4) at 7 a.m. and will not close until 10 p.m. Voters should make sure to bring a valid ID.

Watford constituency candidates for today’s general election:

  • Dean Russell – Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Arran Bowen-la Grange – Green Party

  • Gary James Ling – Reform UK

  • Khalid Chohan – Labour Party of Great Britain

  • Ian Alexander Eric Stotesbury – Liberal Democrats

  • Matt Turmaine – Labour Party

  • Sarah Jane Knott – Heritage Party – Freedom. Family. Nation.