Selling the OC’s Alex Hall shares update on Tyler Stanaland

Selling the OC star Alex Hall has shared an update on her relationship with Tyler Stanaland.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after the season three premiere of “Selling the OC” on Friday (May 3), Alex confirmed that the two are no longer on speaking terms after Tyler left the Oppenheim Group to work at a rival firm.

“Tyler and I don’t talk. I haven’t spoken to him since shortly after he left the Oppenheim Group, or perhaps since the day his departure was announced,” she said.

Alex further explained what happened, adding that they were able to wrap up the events of season three.

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland, Selling the OC Season 3Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland, Selling the OC Season 3


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The reality star continued, “I spoke to him. There were some revelations that were not of his choosing, but some things came to the surface that gave me some understanding and clarity about why certain things were or were not progressing in Season 3.”

“(It) kind of gave me the closure I needed, I think. I wish him the best. I just don’t want to be dragged through that anymore.”

Rumors about the status of Alex and Tyler’s relationship first surfaced after the two kissed in the season 2 finale. The pair later stressed that they were still navigating the “dynamics of our friendship.”

Alex Hall, Selling OC Season 2Alex Hall, Selling OC Season 2


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However, in a trailer for season three, the pair’s relationship seemed to have deteriorated. In one scene, Alex told Tyler, “You knocked me out and then you f***ing disappeared.”

Tyler later confessed his insecurities about his relationship with fellow real estate agent Austin Victoria before the two had another tense conversation about their future.

“If we try to force it, neither of us are on the same page and I don’t want to drag it out,” Tyler told her, and Alex later admitted on camera that she was “out” of the relationship.

Seasons 1 to 3 of “Selling the OC” can be streamed on Netflix.

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