Santos attacks Republicans and must face the House Ethics Committee

The House Ethics Committee has formed a panel to investigate the numerous allegations of misconduct by newly elected Queens congressman and fraudster George Santos. In response, Santos is attacking Republicans in Congress and raising concerns about potentially losing lucrative “book and movie” deals.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said last month that if the Ethics Committee finds “that he violated the law, we will fire him.”

The House Ethics Committee, chaired by Republican Rep. David Joyce (Ohio), will focus on four areas: possible unlawful activities during Santos’ campaign for the House last year; conflict of interest violations; missing or inaccurate disclosures by Santos in his financial reports to the House; and a complaint about Santos’ sexual harassment of a female staffer.

Santos is also being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI. The FBI has interviewed victims of Santos’ fraud involving an animal welfare organization, a $15,000 check fraud in Pennsylvania and his role in a criminal ring of credit card and identity thefts that operated out of Santos’ former home in Florida.

The Ethics Committee’s investigation comes at a time when Santos is lashing out angrily and attacking his Republican colleagues.

New U.S. Congressman Anthony D’Esposito (R-Hempstead) from the neighboring 4th District has proposed a bill that would prohibit members of Congress from profiting from their fraudulent actions.

Santos has been obsessed with “book and movie deals” – and with other people signing deals – in recent weeks, with Newsday’s Mark Cuisano being singled out for attacking Santos for allegedly signing a lucrative book deal in Santos’ place.

Three other new Republican congressmen from New York – Mike Lawler, Marc Molinaro and Nick LaLota – who had also called for Santos’ resignation, had planned to include the bill.

Santos responded to the bill by personally attacking D’Esposito in a very vicious manner, calling him a “bad cop who brings police officers into disrepute…”

D’Esposito served as an officer in the New York Police Department before being elected to the Hempstead Town Council in 2017.

Congressman Nick LaLota (R-Suffolk) quickly came to D’Esposito’s aid:

“George Santos has discredited Holocaust victims, 9/11 victims, veterans with PTSD, and many others. Now he is targeting a Republican in the House who served the NYPD with honor,” LaLota said. “Santos is a terrible human being and should be kicked out of the Republican Conference and Congress as soon as possible.”

Republican Congressman Brandon Williams from upstate New York also defended D’Esposito, saying, “Anthony D’Esposito has more integrity in his little finger than George Santos has in his entire body.”

A motion to recall a sitting MP only requires a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives. A clear majority of the House of Representatives has already called for Santos’ expulsion.