TV crews stuck in snowball fight and heavy traffic – captured on video

The recent snowstorm that has hit parts of the United States is not only causing school cancellations and changes in commuter traffic, it is also forcing reporters in the field to respond quickly.

The most recent example of this comes from CNN.

On Tuesday evening, Jason Carroll reported on “AC 360” about a kind of tradition at Columbia University in New York City: snowball fights on the Low Plaza.

Photo: CNN.Photo: CNN.

Photo: CNN.

To the amusement of the students, the audience, and Anderson Cooper himself, Carroll decided to report live from the center of the action. It played out exactly as you would imagine, and the CNN correspondent was hit by a snowstorm.

Carroll wasn’t injured and seemed to be a good sport. Cooper certainly had a good laugh, but managed to avoid another fit of giggles.

Photo: CNN.Photo: CNN.

Photo: CNN.

Further downtown, a FOX 5 reporter dodged the snowballs but was unable to avoid traffic. Reporter Joel Waldman reported that it took him five hours to drive from Midtown Manhattan to Clifton, New Jersey.

The journey is about 25 miles long and normally takes half an hour. Sitting in traffic, Waldman filmed the journey on his phone in small clips to document each section. He ended up with a TV report that looked like it had been shot on Instagram.

“How long have you been sitting in this van?” Waldman asks a driver he meets in Midtown.

The driver says half an hour, adding that he thinks it will take him an extra hour to get to New Jersey. Waldman then says to his camera, “If this guy thinks it will only take him an hour to get to Jersey, he should play the lottery today.”

Waldman filmed the clips vertically so that FOX 5 presented his clips in a graphic that resembled a phone screen. The reporter eventually made it to Clifton, where he introduced the video live on the news.

However, reporters were not the only ones who suffered damage from the storm.

The iconic glass facade of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is a little less symmetrical today after a snow blower shattered the glass on one of the 32-foot-tall glass panels last night. According to 9to5Mac, each of these could cost up to $445,000 to repair, but something tells us Apple has the money on hand to do it.

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