Tyler Perry says he doesn’t give away money

Actor Tyler Perry has become the latest celebrity to have his name used as part of a Facebook scam. He took to social media and posted a video on Tuesday warning people not to be fooled by posts claiming he is giving away money or cars, because it is not true.

The phishing scam spread on Facebook claims that Perry is giving away $1 million, cars and houses. The pages request personal information from users who believe that the Made a Star is able to indulge in such charitable giving because of his wealth and fame.

“I’m not giving anything away on Facebook,” Perry says in the video posted to his personal Instagram account. “I’m not giving anything away. My team has to take these things down every day. There’s always a new one popping up. Don’t give your information to these people. Don’t give anything away… to them. I don’t know who they are, but we have to take down 10, 20, 30 of these things on Facebook every day. I’m not giving anything away. This is Tyler Perry. I’m not giving anything away. Please do me a favor: post this everywhere so people know it’s not true.”

Perry is not the first star to be confronted with such scams. Oprah Winfrey also warned her fans about the scam on Instagram last Christmas.

Watch the video below to hear Perry dispel rumors about the alleged giveaway.