Wedding of Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi: details and preparations

2 days left until the wedding of Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi. The TV presenter and her partner will marry in Rimini on Saturday 6 July after 6 years of being together. The toasts began last week with a mega party that welcomed more than a thousand guests at the Gadames 57 venue in the Certosa-Villapizzone district of Milan. The rigorous organization was taken care of by Enzo Miccio, a famous TV star and wedding planner.

Wedding of Simona Ventura on July 6, Paola Perego (witness) could not attend: “Worried after the accident of her husband Lucio Presta”

In addition to the bride and groom’s witnesses, 200 guests will attend the wedding on Saturday. And now a few more details are coming to light. Simona Ventura has already revealed that a good friend and colleague from the entertainment industry will be at her side at the wedding.

Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi, the host reveals who the witness will be

In an interview with the weekly magazine Chi, the presenter actually gave away a spoiler about the wedding, revealing the name of her maid of honour (who will not be Paola Perego, as many had speculated). “I chose Milly Carlucci, who was very close to me and who opened up great opportunities for me. We became friends and confidants, she understood my difficult moments and since the marriage proposal took place on Dancing with the Stars and Milly was the first maid of honour, I liked the idea of ​​her being the maid of honour in Rimini too.”

The secret of Paola Perego

The mystery surrounding Paola Perego remains: Will she be able to attend the wedding of her friend and colleague on July 6?

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The hostess has been going through difficult moments due to the serious accident of her husband Lucio Presta. The groom’s best man, however, will be Marco Di Terlizzi, a doctor and his long-time friend, as well as founder of the association “Children with Heart Disease in the World” together with Professor Alessandro Frigola.

The wedding: the details

Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi then told Chi some details about the wedding in an interview with Chi: “In the evening the ceremony will be led by Stefano Bonaccini, he and his wife Sandra are our friends, and there will be many guests. To choose the guests we used a method: we put together our phone books and there were 9800 names. Then, since some were mutual friends, we reduced it to six thousand.”

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They added: “We have decided to organize a single party that starts in Milan and continues in Rimini: the luminous sculptures of Marco Lodola and the video walls of Sergio Pappalettera are the common thread. The story is a unique party. In Rimini there will be a moment of celebration of the wedding vows, which will be private, and then it will continue with a dinner and a party.”

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