Avery’s Lemonade Stand will host its fifth annual sale on July 19 in Duryea

DURYEA – Avery Dietrick and her friends are at it again – preparing for their fifth year of operating Avery’s Lemonade Stand.

Avery will be selling lemonade at her lemonade stand at 423 New St., Duryea, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on July 19. Proceeds this year will go to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, 967 Griffin Pond Rd, South Abington Township.

In 2023, Avery and her friends donated $1,800 to Blue Chip Farm animal rescue in Dallas. Avery and her friends on Team Avery – Maddy Malloy, Veronica Carey, Gabby Skula, Max Shupp, Zach Conners and Ben Shupp – visited Blue Chip to present the check.

Most recently, Avery Dietrick said she has a simple explanation for why she opened her lemonade stand five years ago to raise money for animal shelters that do not kill animals.

“I just love animals,” Dietrick said. “It’s pretty difficult for these shelters to raise the money they need to care for their animals.”

Avery is 11 years old and opened her Avery’s Lemonade Stand in the home of her grandparents, Frank and Jeannette Killian of Duryea.

Avery has raised money for no-kill animal shelters such as Blue Chip Farm Animal Rescue in Dallas, Laura’s Hope Rescue in Hop Bottom and Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in South Abington Township—this year’s recipient.

Over the years, the lemonade stand has expanded and now offers not only freshly squeezed lemonade, but also hot dogs, popcorn, tie-dye T-shirts, jewelry and homemade baked goods.

Avery’s parents, Kristen and Ronnie Dietrick, said they always taught their children the importance of giving back to the community and that it brings great joy.

“Avery has a heart of gold,” her mother said. “And we are incredibly proud of the accomplishments she has made at such a young age.”

Her mother said Avery is a straight-A student at Pittston Area, where she plays soccer and competes in cheerleading with Cross Valley Cheer.

“Avery wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up,” Kristen said. “She hopes to attend Cornell University – she even has a Cornell sweatshirt.”

Avery’s grandfather, Frank Killian, said the lemonade stand started small but has grown each year.

“It’s incredible what Avery and her friends have done to raise so much money,” Killian said.

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