Fourth of July safety recommendations from a local doctor | KWKT

Waco, TX (FOX 44) — When it comes to Fourth of July celebrations, most people think of setting off fireworks and relaxing by the lake.

Dr. Randy Hartman, emergency room physician and medical director at Baylor Scott and White, says just because you’re out setting off fireworks and enjoying the day doesn’t mean you have to end up in the emergency room on the 4th.

“We try to remind everyone this time of year to never hold fireworks in your hands. Never light them in your hands. People like to light firecrackers and then throw them,” Hartman says.

And what’s more, never store firecrackers in glass containers. If they explode, the glass fragments can cause serious injuries to your body.

And never light a firework while holding it in your hand.

“If you fire a firecracker like that into the palm of your hand, it’s going to hurt, you’re going to get burns and maybe even first and second degree burns,” Hartman says.

Dr. Hartman also wants to remind everyone to extinguish fireworks with water when disposing of them.

“Many of them stay hot for a while and you can’t just throw them in the trash,” Hartman says.

By ensuring that fires are properly extinguished, you can be sure that neither your own property nor anyone else’s property will burn down.