Tragic fire shakes Azur Apartments | KWKT

WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – A devastating fire ripped through the Azur Apartments near Richland Mall today, leaving many residents in shock and despair as they tried to save what was left of their homes amid the chaos.

The Waco Fire Department responded immediately to the emergency on Owen Lane, dispatching 38 firefighters and 16 vehicles to battle the flames that had ravaged the complex. A total of 8 apartments were affected by the fire, with 2 suffering direct fire damage and the others being impacted by water and smoke.

In the following period, 19 people had to leave their homes and their lives were turned upside down by the sudden disaster. The Red Cross and the management of Azur Apartments intervened immediately and provided those affected with vital support and help.

A resident who was deeply affected by the ordeal shared that Azur management has taken it upon itself to help with financial assistance for temporary accommodation and to ensure that the residents who have become homeless have a place to stay during this difficult time. In addition, management plans to allow residents to return to their apartments tomorrow so that they can take any belongings that can still be salvaged with them.

As the community comes together to help those who have lost their homes, the road to recovery promises to be challenging but hopeful for the residents of Azur Apartments with the support of neighbors, emergency services and local organizations standing behind them.

The fire investigation is ongoing. We will keep you updated on the latest developments as they become available.