During the rain delay in Nashville, fans pointed to all their cars

During the weather-related delay at Nashville Superspeedway, Austin Cindric received a penalty because a fan pointed at his car. Tyler Reddick says it happens to everyone. Did NASCAR go too hard on the No. 2 team?

Just before the halfway point of the Ally 400 last Sunday, rain and thunderstorms rolled through. As the field prepared to roll back out onto the track, Austin Cindric was told he had to move to the back of the field.

NASCAR officials felt that the team had aimed its fan, used to dry out the pits, at the race car and was too close. NASCAR argued that this caused the car to cool down faster, so they moved Cindric to the back of the field.

Tyler Reddick spoke with Denny Hamlin on Harmful actions this week. From Reddick’s perspective, every team had a fan pointing at their cars.

“So it has to be over the wall, I guess?” Reddick asked. “Because everybody else, I looked up and down pit road, everyone had their fans pointed at their cars, but they were on pit road, just not from pit road, I guess.”

Reddick later insisted, saying he had seen teams with their fans pointed directly at the tires. Both Hamlin and Reddick were unsure if all the officials understood the rules. This led to confusion.

“That was the most confusing part for me. As I looked up and down the pit lane, I saw a lot of cars with their fans pointed directly at the tires, trying to cool them down,” explained the 23XI Racing driver.

One could argue that it was that penalty that put Austin Cindric in a position to take the win and send the race into the five-overtime chaos it eventually became.

Tyler Reddick couldn’t believe he had lost

After the Ally 400, Tyler Reddick was disappointed. He was the only car that was up front all day, had pace all day, and lost to two lesser cars. You can blame it on the caution, the overtime, and pit strategy, but Reddick had the winning car and couldn’t get it done.

After the race he was visibly shaken. It looked as if he had seen a ghost.

“I’m doing my best, Kim, but it’s tough,” Reddick said after the race. “I’m trying to stay cool right now. I’m really disappointed with how this turned out.”

Reddick didn’t want to take any positives from the race. It was one of the positives that slipped through his fingers.

“No. All the good cars ran out of fuel and we were in a position to overtake 22. We were not in a good mood all day. We didn’t make it. So…”

Tyler Reddick didn’t make it on Sunday, but he still has more chances. For every last-second Talladega victory, there’s a heartbeat like Nashville.