Glen “Big Baby” Davis is lighter than he has been since eighth grade

For as long as he’s been a public figure, Glen “Big Baby” Davis has been known for the combination of weight and basketball skills. As a college star at LSU, Davis captured hearts and minds as an agile, versatile player who happened to weigh well over 300 pounds. With the Boston Celtics and now the Orlando Magic, Davis has proven he can succeed at the highest level of basketball, even while being more than a little overweight.

But Davis has also set out to improve his form and has now reached a milestone. Amazingly, he weighs less than he has since eighth grade. From John Denton for

When Davis broke the fifth metatarsal bone in his left foot in a seemingly innocuous game last January, requiring two surgeries and 10 months of inactivity, he knew he needed to lose some weight from his massive 6-foot-1 frame if he wanted to continue playing in the NBA. It wasn’t exactly an overnight revelation for Davis, who has always lived his life as a big man and has been looking for ways to shed pounds for years.

After scoring a spectacular 33 points in 50 minutes in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Davis will score fewer points than he has in, well, almost his entire life on Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

“Eighth grade. Yes, really, I was the lightest I’ve been since eighth grade,” said Davis, who himself was clearly shocked. “This time it’s been consistent (with the weight loss). There have been times when I’ve lost a lot of weight, but then I’ve gained it right back. But as far as maintaining that weight consistently and keeping my weight off, I’ve been this thin since eighth grade.”

Some people might not consider 300 pounds skinny, but for Davis, it is. He set that goal over the summer and has hovered around 300 pounds for most of the last month with the Magic. When considering Davis’ size, it’s important to remember that he was once banned from Pee Wee football as an elementary school student for being too big. He once pinned Shaquille O’Neal to the ground while play-wrestling the superstar when he was just 13 years old (more on that later). Davis once weighed as much as 370 pounds in high school, when he was a three-sport star, including a tailback who scored five touchdowns. And he’s played much of his NBA career at over 330 pounds. (…)

“First of all, it’s a mental thing. And then it’s a lifestyle thing. You basically have to change your lifestyle and the way you’ve lived your whole life,” Davis said. “You have to change it to break the cycle. But if you think about the process and what you want to accomplish, then it’s all worth it.”

The entire story contains a lot of information about Davis’ struggles, which included a very brief flirtation with veganism. While his current weight isn’t exactly low, it’s incredibly impressive that he’s been able to change his attitude toward food. While that process will still be ongoing, it’s not unreasonable to assume he could lose even more weight in the coming seasons.

Regardless, Davis is far from looking like he did during the 2005 NCAA tournament for LSU:

FYI: The Magic officially list Davis at 289 pounds, which doesn’t match Denton’s report. Or maybe that’s just the goal they’ve set for him by the end of the season.

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