Tyler Ferlito led the Hall Wolfpack to the 2023-24 ROPSSAA football and baseball championships | Caledon Citizen

July 4, 2024 · 0 Comments

By Jim Stewart

Tyler Ferlito, a 12th grade two-sport athlete at Robert F. Hall CSS, concluded his high school athletic career with impressive success, being named Student Athlete of the Week by the Caledon Citizen.

Ferlito led the Wolfpack to the ROPSSAA Senior Boys Football Championship as quarterback that fall. Eight months later, the clutch hitter and big game pitcher led the Wolfpack to its second consecutive ROPSSAA Varsity Boys Baseball Championship.

Two regional championships in two major sports in one school year is an impressive accomplishment that hasn’t gone unnoticed by his football and baseball head coach Jason Sweeney. The veteran Hall coach praised Ferlito’s decisive performances on and off the field in a nutshell.

“He is an exceptional leader and an outstanding athlete who excels in both sports.”

Coach Sweeney also acknowledged Ferlito’s qualities as a student at Robert F. Hall CSS.

“Tyler is the first to help a teammate and a classmate. He also helps with the senior girls’ soccer team.”

What impressed Coach Sweeney most about Ferlito was “his leadership qualities and his commitment to sports and school.”

He highlighted Ferlito’s central role in two ROPSSAA championships this school year.

“Tyler was a major reason we won both the football and baseball championships last year. He led us to the football Tier 1 championship game, narrowly missing the school’s first OFSSAA berth. He is a major reason the baseball team was in the playoffs for the second year in a row and why we defended our ROPSSAA title.”

Tyler Ferlito took the time during his summer break to answer our interview questions and reflect on his double championship title in his senior year of high school:

Citizens of Caledon: What qualities did you demonstrate during your athletic season to earn the Student-Athlete of the Week award?

Tyler Ferlito: “I think one of the most important traits I demonstrate on the baseball field is that mistakes are part of the game. In baseball, you lose more than you win, so putting the last play behind you and looking to the next one is a good trait to have.”

Citizens of Caledon: What key statistics and performance moments from the 2023-24 season are you most proud of?

Tyler Ferlito: “For me, a big part of our team’s success is not letting runners down and getting crucial hits with runners in scoring position. After not pitching for a while before this season, I’m proud of how I’m able to set counts and still be a successful pitcher.”

Citizens of Caledon: Besides your high school sports team(s), what other community teams do you play for and at what level?

Tyler Ferlito: “I play AAA football for the Brampton Bulldogs; I also used to play AAA baseball for the Brampton Royals.”

Citizens of Caledon: How would you describe yourself as a student at Robert F Hall? What sports teams and clubs do you belong to? Honor roll?

Tyler Ferlito: “I would describe myself as a passionate kid who loves sports – both playing and watching. In school, I am a big science major and want to study forensics. I am a quarterback on our school football team and play for the school baseball team.”

Citizens of Caledon: What are your plans after secondary school regarding possible academic/athletic goals?

Tyler Ferlito: “I am interested in studying a science course, especially forensics. I would like to play football afterward, because football is one of my passions.”

Citizens of Caledon: Who is your role model in terms of the person you admire most?

Tyler Ferlito: “One of my biggest role models is Joe Burrow. He plays quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals and studied at LSU. The reason I look up to him so much is because he is the calmest and most collected player on the field at all times. He is known for not letting anything bother him on the field, and that’s exactly how I want to be.”

Citizens of Caledon: How do you feel when you are nominated as Caledon Citizen’s Student-Athlete of the Week?

Tyler Ferlito: “I am very pleased to be nominated, not only because I am nominated, but because our school is being recognized for its athletic achievements. The coaches and teachers invest all their time in sports at this school so that we can have successful sports teams and it is nice to see that recognized.”