Chip Gaines has advice for that one controversial design decision

The big picture

  • Chip Gaines advises against painting brick facades because it is a regrettable decision that cannot be undone.
  • Chip and Joanna Gaines emphasize the importance of flexibility and learning from mistakes when renovating a home.
  • Fans trust the expertise and advice of Chip and Joanna Gaines, which led to their successful expansion into the Magnolia Network.

In need of renovation star Chip Gaines has renovated countless houses in his career. With his wife Joanna Gainesby his side, they have completed so many home remodels that have delighted their fans. They even created a lexicon that has reinvented the vocabulary of home improvement. But Chip has one important piece of advice for those who are passionate about designing their own home: you should think twice before painting brick facades! Although the couple has used their neutral color palette in numerous homes throughout their career, He advises homeowners to reconsider painting handmade bricks. You will regret it and never forget it.

Chip Gaines rose to fame thanks to his successful HGTV show, In need of renovation. Along with his wife, design expert Joanna, the couple restored dilapidated homes in the Waco, Texas area while bringing modern farmhouse chic into the mainstream. So many homeowners dream of sliding a barn door into a new space filled with shiplap and wainscoting. While In need of renovation finished his run on HGTV In 2018, Chip and Joanna brought their expertise to a brand new network, Magnolia Network. Inspired by their Waco-based Magnolia empire, the Gaines have merged their business and their movie personalities to continue helping DIYers around the world. With designs, tips and hints everywhere you look, Chip and Joanna Gaines are committed to helping amateur renovators before they make big mistakes.

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The truth about brick facades

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Throughout their time on television, Chip and Joanna Gaines have been trusted voices in the world of home renovation and design. Because of their affable personalities and popular remodeling, many viewers have used their tips and tricks in their own home improvement projects. Over the years, their most important advice has been to be flexible. Chip says, “Planning and preparation are the most important part of the process, but at some point you have to take the first step. You have to correct mistakes you make along the way.” But there are some parts of the process that can’t be undone. so it’s time to listen to Chip Gaines before you make that big mistake.

Chip knows that increasing attractiveness to future buyers can be crucialbut he warns that you have to make the right decision because this could be the one mistake that can ruin the house forever. They have even advised homeowners and employees, In need of renovation against painting brick. As cool and eye-catching as it looks, it’s a disservice. If your original plan was to paint the exposed brick, other steps, like painting the window trim and doors, could be the solution to reinforce and modernize the exterior. Chip and Joanna have experienced this before during their process. It all goes back to Chip’s advice to be flexible!


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Through their experience, Chip and Joanna have learned that buyers will pay a lot of money for antique brick, even if they request a repaint of the exterior. His advice for anyone looking to give their exterior a new look is to pressure wash the home to freshen up and revitalize it, as it will make it appear more modern. Aside from the fact that you can’t undo the procedure, painting an old home, like many of the properties the Gaines have tackled in the past, can cause damage, especially in areas with fluctuating climates. Instead of regular paint, use something like lime paint or milk paint. Ever heard of it? Probably not, but never fear, that’s why Chip is here! Chip says both options are breathable, allowing trapped water to evaporate.

Chip doesn’t like to give bad news to homeowners, but with years of experience, his expertise is unmatched compared to amateur renovators who try things out blindly. The great thing about someone like Chip Gaines is He has tried and failed in the past so he knows how to help homeowners avoid repeating those mistakes in the future. He can explain in detail why the solution he recommends is ultimately the better one. It may not be the dream solution, but when it comes to increasing the financial potential of a home, these recommendations are crucial.

Fans trust Chip and Joanna

Chip and Joanna have discouraged some crucial wishes and dreams regarding the renovation of the house. During an episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome HomeThey actually advised their former co-worker John against painting the brick of his home. They knew it was trendy, but they followed their advice to be flexible, skipped that part of the process, and ultimately gave it a beautiful exterior without touching the antique, exposed brick. Watching moments like this has helped fans trust Chip and Joanna over the years.

Love them or hate them, DIY fans trust Chip and Joanna Gaines. Sure, some fans felt like they were showing off when the trailer for Fixer Upper: The House by the lake. In the end, they actually sold the property. Their design and construction concepts have inspired many homeowners to incorporate it into their own projects. Many HGTV Celebrities have been able to build their careers through fame, but no one has done it like Chip and Joanna. They have made Waco, Texas a must for In need of renovation fans. Not only can you visit some of their projects, but you can also visit Chips and Joanna’s shop, Magnolia. You can shop at Magnolia Market and the Silos. You can eat at Magnolia Table. You can stay in the hotels or bed and breakfasts they renovated as part of their programs. Magnolia became a subscription magazine. The DIY Network was transformed into the Magnolia Network. The trust they built allowed them to expand their empire and they are now the biggest names in the genre.

Fans have fallen in love with Chip and Joanna. They love their five children, Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie and crew. They just can’t get enough of the Gaines sharing personal stories and touching tributes with each other because they feel like they are a part of their lives. There’s never enough Chip and Joanna Gaines for everyone. That’s why controversial advice like not painting exposed brick has been followed and respected. They know what they’re doing. They started the renovation revolution and continue to lead it.

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