What to expect from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on July 4th

BALTIMORE — This year’s Fourth of July celebration marks the third year the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has performed, but there’s another special element being added and, given the excitement surrounding the holiday, there will also be more security measures in place this year.

“I mean, it’s loud, it’s active, it’s beautiful, they light up the whole sky here. It’s beautiful. You can sit here, look at the water, chill with some friends, stuff like that, but it’s still fun out here,” says Tyler Starks.

This is how Tyler Starks describes his experience down at the Inner Harbor on July 4th.

WMAR caught him working at a frozen dessert stand.

He hopes that the large crowds this weekend will be good for business.

“We’re definitely going to have more traffic. We just need to make sure our stuff doesn’t melt as much. We have a freezer there, but during a heat wave it can sometimes be overloaded, but we’ll be fine,” Starks says.

Others are looking forward to the fireworks. They say that although there will be a lot of people out and about, there will still be enough places from which to enjoy the fireworks.

“It’s usually crowded and I would rather go to the hill because you have a better view and avoid the fireworks,” says Zyon Campbell.

There are not only fireworks, but also live music.

“We are amplifying the volume of our concert around the Inner Harbor so that you can hear the sounds of the symphony even if you are on Federal Hill or near the boardwalk,” says Allison Burr-Livingstone.

This year the show has another new element, a drone show similar to the one at the Inner Harbor on New Year’s Eve.

Allison Burr-Livingstone says the orchestra will play during the fireworks and drone show, adding a new dimension to the experience.

“It’s all about timing because it’s a live orchestra show, so we try to start on time. The conductor’s job is to keep the orchestra in time, but sometimes things happen and the fireworks go off at 9:30 whether we’re ready or not,” says Burr-Livingstone.

Because the Inner Harbor will be inundated with large crowds, Baltimore Police have increased security measures for the weekend.

A statement from the ministry said:

“The department will have an increased presence in the downtown and waterfront areas, as well as at several locations throughout the city during Independence Day and the holiday weekend.”

Baltimore City Police Department

Although people are optimistic, they are worried about whether the increased presence will also ensure a safe night’s sleep.

“You will have a higher level of security with 120% certainty. Whether it works or not is another story because you can’t control everyone,” says Tyler Starks.

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