Streamer speaks out after a 17-year-old who has been missing for seven weeks randomly appears on his livestream

You can see a lot of strange things in live streams, but it is not the first place you turn when looking for a missing person.

However, that is exactly what happened to Twitch user FaZe Lacy when he unexpectedly solved a missing person case in a livestream.

The content creator was broadcasting himself live from Miami when a young man in light green shorts walked past him and a friend while they were eating outdoors.

Who was the man? It is alleged that he was missing Michigan teenager Troy Coleman.

Not the typical way to solve a missing person case. (X/@LacyHimself)

Not the typical way to solve a missing person case. (X/@LacyHimself)

In the clip, the man approaches Lacy and his friend Clix and chats with them before moving on; it appears to be a completely normal interaction.

Lacy thought nothing more of the conversation until he later logged into his email and found that a man claiming to be Troy’s brother had contacted him and said he believed the man in the video was his missing brother.

The streamer has now responded to the case and published the email he received from the man, who claims to be called Trent Coleman, as well as his response to the interaction on social media.

“Three months ago, a 17-year-old boy disappeared and was reported to the homicide squad,” Lacy wrote on X.

“Yesterday on stream he came to me and Clix and now his family knows he’s alive and in Miami. I wasn’t sure if I should make this public, but I hope this somehow helps him be found by his family.”

The post also showed the original email from Trent, in which he said his 17-year-old brother was suffering from schizophrenia and had disappeared from the family home in Flint, Michigan.

It’s unclear what the phrase “was charged with murder” mentioned by Trent means in relation to Troy’s disappearance, but Lacy told a follower he believes it means the family believed the teen was dead.

“I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it means they thought he was dead, but now his family knows he’s alive,” Lacy replied, adding, “The power of the internet is tremendous.”

Troy was last seen on May 17 in Mt. Morris Township, Michigan. His father, Weston, later reported his disappearance to local authorities.

In an interview with Townsquare Media, Weston stated that his son was not armed and posed no threat to the public, but that he had previously “suffered from hallucinations” and needed his “vital medications,” which he did not have with him.

Twitch streamer FaZe Lacy was broadcasting from Miami at the time. (@LacyHimself/X)

Twitch streamer FaZe Lacy was broadcasting from Miami at the time. (@LacyHimself/X)

Troy is described as being 6’4″ tall and weighing around 165 pounds. He has blue eyes and can be seen in the livestream wearing neon green shorts and some sort of black hoodie.

If you have seen Troy or have any information about his disappearance, you can call the Flint Township Police Department at 810-600-3250.

The LADbible Group has reached out to the Flint Township Police Department for comment.