Flint, MI – Car crash reported on Woodbridge St. near Joliet St.

Flint, MI (July 5, 2024) – A traffic accident in the Flint area left at least one person injured and taken to a local hospital. Flint Police, Fire and EMS were notified of the accident at approximately 11:05 a.m. on July 4.

According to official reports, Woodbridge Street was closed near Joliet Street due to vehicle collisions at the intersection. The incident resulted in the road closure.. Authorities and the fire brigade remained on site for a long time. Rescue workers cared for the injured on site. One person was taken to a local hospital for further medical treatment. Investigations into the accident are currently underway.

Our condolences go out to the victim who was injured in this collision.

Car accidents in Michigan

Flint, MI – Car crash reported on Woodbridge St. near Joliet St.Flint, MI – Car crash reported on Woodbridge St. near Joliet St.A car accident can have a significant impact on all areas of your life. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people in our state suffer injuries each year from accidents that are often the result of the negligence of others.

Many accidents occur because some drivers speed, ignore traffic signals, fail to yield, or engage in other unsafe driving practices. These behaviors can cause significant harm to innocent people, highlighting the importance of road safety.

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Your attorney plays a critical role in helping you build a strong case against the negligent party by gathering compelling evidence. They may even work with experts to reconstruct the accident scene to gain a full understanding of what happened. To ensure you get the justice you deserve, it is important to act quickly and secure legal representation from a dedicated attorney.

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