Carla Denyer, Green Party leader, becomes MP for Bristol Central

Audio subtitlesGreen Party co-leader Carla Denyer has won the Bristol Central seat.

  • Author, Clara Bullock
  • Role, BBC News, Bristol

One of the co-leaders of the Green Party has won the newly created Bristol Central constituency, becoming the city’s first Green MP.

Carla Denyer defeated Labour candidate Thangam Debbonaire, who had been MP for the former Bristol West constituency since 2010.

Ms Denyer won the seat with 24,539 votes (56.6%), while Ms Debbonaire received 14,132 votes (32.6%).

She told BBC News: “I am delighted and so grateful for the support we have received from voters in Bristol Central and across the country.”

“We know that voters like our policies. Policies like an increased minimum wage and better investment in public services.

“We went into this election with the ambitious but realistic goal of quadrupling the number of our representatives.

“The voters have spoken. I think this is the direction the Greens will be heading in from now on.”

Image description, Ms Denyer received 56.6% of the votes

In Bristol Central, 62,735 people cast their votes, representing a turnout of 69%, 4.1% less than in 2019.

The area of ​​the newly created administrative centre Bristol Central was formerly part of the now abolished Bristol West.

As the name suggests, it covers the city centre including the areas around the harbour and Hotwells.

Its residential areas include Clifton and Bishopston, as well as St. Pauls and St. Werburghs.

Reacting to the loss of her MP position in Bristol, Ms Debbonaire said it had been an “incredible honour” to represent the city.

She congratulated Ms Denyer and said: “The people who have put their trust in you will see what a great job you will do.”

“Across the country, people voted for a Labour government and I couldn’t be prouder of my part in making that happen,” Ms Debbonaire added.

Full results from Bristol Central

  • Carla Denyer, Green Party, elected Member of Parliament, 24,539 votes (56.6%)
  • Thangam Debbonaire, Labour Party candidate, 14,132 votes (32.6%)
  • Samuel Williams, Conservative Party candidate, 1,998 votes (4.6%)
  • Robert Clarke, candidate of Reform UK, 1,338 votes (3.1%).
  • Nicholas Coombes, Liberal Democrat candidate, 1,162 votes (2.7%)
  • Kellie-Jay Keen, candidate of the Party of Women, 196 votes (0.5%)

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