A teenager from Michigan was missing for weeks. Then someone saw this

A 17-year-old from Michigan who had been missing for weeks has been found in Florida, police said – and the discovery apparently happened during a livestream.

Troy Coleman was last seen leaving his Flint Township home and possibly boarding an MTA bus, Flint Township police said in a Facebook post on May 21.

Last week, someone claiming to be his brother watched a Twitch stream by popular content producer FaZe Lacy and his friend Clix, according to an email on the streamer’s X account.

During the stream, which took place in Miami, Lacy apparently pointed the camera at Coleman.

The email displayed on X read: “Hi, my name is Trent Coleman and my missing little brother from Michigan was on Clix and Lacy’s stream in Miami wearing green shorts… He doesn’t do drugs, he’s schizophrenic…”

The brother reportedly contacted the streamers and subsequently contacted Flint Township authorities about his missing brother.

Lacy said in a post on X that Coleman came to talk to him and Clix and that his family now knows he is alive and in Miami.

In a Facebook post Thursday, Flint Township police confirmed that Coleman was found safe and sound in Miami. “We are working with local authorities to arrange his safe return to Michigan to be with his family.”

Police department officials did not respond to requests for comment Friday. Coleman’s relatives could not immediately be reached.

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