A text-to-speech app has been released that reads books and articles using the voices of famous deceased actors such as Judy Garland and Laurence Olivier.

ElevenLabs, an AI voice research and development company, has announced the launch of the app. ElevenLabs Readers which uses the voices of now-deceased famous actors such as Judy Garland and Laurence Olivier to read books and articles. All of the stars’ voices were generated in collaboration with wealth management organizations.

Hear your favorite books and articles narrated by Judy Garland, James Dean, Burt Reynolds and Sir Laurence Olivier | ElevenLabs

Laurence Olivier and Judy Garland narrate audiobooks from Beyond the Grave

The app is operated as follows:

ElevenLabs Iconic Voices – Judy Garland – YouTube

The voice cast includes Judy Garland from The Wizard of Oz, James Dean from East of Eden and For They Know Not What They Are Doing, Sir Laurence Olivier, the famous British actor known from films such as Hamlet, The Great Excursion and Marathon Man, and Burt Reynolds from The Limits and The Road Home.

I chose Judy Garland.

Next is the Add Content screen. It seems you can choose between “Write Text,” “Import URL,” or “Upload File.”

In the demo, the text of “The Wizard of Oz” is uploaded and read out.

“Judy Garland, James Dean, Burt Reynolds and Sir Laurence Olivier are among the most famous actors in history. Adding them to our roster of narrators is a huge step forward in our mission to make content accessible in every language and voice,” said Dustin Blank, Head of Partnerships at ElevenLabs.

Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland’s daughter and actress and singer and executor of her estate, said: “We are thrilled to be able to share my mother’s voice with the countless people who loved her. Our family is confident that ElevenLabs’ incredible new technology will not only bring new fans of my mother, but will also delight those who already appreciate the unparalleled legacy she has left and will continue to leave to the world.”

The iOS version of “ElevenLabs Reader” is scheduled to be released in the App Store on July 11, 2024. The release date of the Android version has not yet been determined.