Pedestrian bridge over Wiehle Avenue in Reston to open: County

RESTON, VA — Cyclists, joggers and walkers traveling on the W&OD Trail will soon be able to safely cross Wiehle Avenue in Reston. On July 9, Fairfax County will officially open the pedestrian bridge between Sunset Hills Road and the Reston Fire Station.

“There will soon be a safe way for people to stay on the trail and cross Wiehle Avenue,” Hunter Mill Supervisor Walter Alcorn said in a video attached to a recent email newsletter. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

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The bridge is funded by federal and state grants, is part of the Reston Metrorail Access Group program, and will replace the W&OD Trail’s at-grade crossing over Wiehle Avenue. Construction on the project began on May 9, 2023 in Fairfax County.

On the night of April 13, Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services employees used a crane to lower the bridge into place above the roadway.

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The construction of a new bridge over Wiehle Avenue is intended to avoid conflicts between road users and vehicles and reduce the number of rear-end collisions at the intersection, Fairfax County says.

Along with the construction of the bridge, Wiehle Avenue will be widened in both directions from Sunset Hills Road to the entrances of the Reston Fire Station and Pupatella Pizza. This will allow for the creation of two 5-foot-wide bike lanes in accordance with Fairfax County’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan.