Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick assess the impact of the rain delay in Nashville on the cars

Last weekend, weather played a small role at Nashville Superspeedway. Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick discussed what role it played. Before we move on this week, let’s take a look back at the rain delay and the impact it had on the NASCAR Cup Series last weekend.

Some drivers had a completely different car before and after the rain stop. The best example of this was Bubba Wallace. In the first half of the race, Wallace passed 14 cars and was one of the fastest drivers on the day.

Then, after the rain interruption, Wallace and his 23cc machine fell further and further behind. A clever strategy and a retirement in overtime secured them a place in the top ten at the end of the evening.

Tyler Reddick and Denny Hamlin talked about the delay on Harmful actions this week.

“I noticed virtually no difference in the performance of his car from the moment he (Christopher Bell) put the right-hand tires on until he switched back to four tires a little later in the race,” Reddick explained.

“Yeah, I actually looked at his lap times during the rain stop,” Hamlin interjected. “He ran three laps in a row under 30.50 and that was the same as he did with four tires. We ran four laps, Chris came up to me when it started raining, I got out of the car and he greeted me right when I got out. He said, ‘I messed up, I was so worried about your battery voltage, I just messed up the ball here. But thanks for the good restart, you got us back in the game, we’re back in P6 now.’ He said, ‘We’re fine. We’re going to win this race, we just have to do it right and we’ll be fine.’

“It was an interesting situation because the field kind of split there. I took four, a couple of others took four, but the majority of the cars up front took two. That was definitely the right decision, but it messed up the field, at least at that point. When the rain came and everyone had cooled their stuff down, it reset everything. Because normally the drop in performance that we see with these tires is due to heat. So if you can cool them all the way back down, they usually fire right up.”

Denny Hamlin had a chance to win the Ally 400. It wasn’t the rain that ruined his chance. In the end, it was the five overtimes that ruined the day for the eleven-man team. And Reddick missed an opportunity.

Tyler Reddick was able to win in the end. All of the other major competitors in the race had crashes or had to pit for fuel. However, Reddick was unable to beat Logano on the final restart. Another lost due to bad luck and timing.

Will the weather play a role in Chicago this week?