Danny Trejo, 80, involved in street brawl at LA parade after ‘childish’ water bomb incident

Danny Trejo was stopped on the parade route in his baby blue convertible when a water bomb was fired at the windshield, leading to a scuffle that resulted in the police being called

Danny Trejo, 80, involved in street brawl at LA parade after water bomb incident(SIPA USA/PA images)

Hollywood actor Danny Trejo’s Independence Day celebrations were marred in the United States on Thursday by an attacker who threw water balloons.

The 80-year-old Breaking Bad actor was involved in a brawl after a parade-goer allegedly threw a water balloon at the From Duck To Dawn star’s vintage convertible during a Fourth of July parade in LA.

The brawl reportedly occurred during the Independence Day parade in Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles, and was caught on video, according to ABC 7 Los Angeles.

In the footage, Trejo is seen driving down the parade route when his baby blue convertible is attacked by a water bomb. Trejo immediately jumped out of his classically stunning car and punched the alleged perpetrator, who was wearing a tank top and a backwards hat.

But despite the machete actor’s brave attempt, his blow missed and he was knocked to the ground. The identities of the other passengers in Trejo’s car have yet to be confirmed, but disturbing footage shows two children being hastily dragged from the vehicle.

Almost immediately, a physical brawl broke out, with several others joining in. Fists flew as the suspected perpetrator traded blows with another man before the brawl spilled onto the sidewalks where spectators had gathered for the parade. In the dramatic clip, Trejo can be seen rising from the ground and hurling a green folding chair at the noisy group.

Los Angeles police received a call about a fight along the parade route, but by the time they arrived, the crowd had dispersed and no arrests were made, TMZ reports. The same publication also reports Trejo’s comments on the matter. Speaking to TMZ, the 80-year-old actor called the water bombing at his Corvette “childish” and called the perpetrators “cowards.”

In 2021, Trejo opened up about a horrific experience from his past that could have cost him his life before he rose to fame. The Hollywood icon revealed that during his time in prison, he was once involved in a “riot with a thousand people,” an incident that made him fear he would be sentenced to death.