Shapps is the biggest loser in the Hertfordshire results

Image description, Former Defence Secretary Grant Shapps loses his seat in Welwyn-Hatfield

  • Author, Mariam Issimdar and Orla Moore
  • Role, BBC News, Hertfordshire

Defence Minister Grant Shapps lost his seat Welwyn-Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

Mr Shapps, a prominent and experienced cabinet minister and long-serving MP, lost the election to the Labour Party after 19 years as MP for his constituency.

Speaking to spectators watching the vote count, the deposed MP said: “Tonight it is clear that Britain will have a new government tomorrow morning.”

Mr Shapps said the public had had enough of the party’s “endless political soap opera” and that “people don’t vote for divided parties”.

He lost to Labour’s Andrew Lewin, who wiped out a majority of 10,733 votes in the constituency.

Image source, BBC Parliament

Image description, Labour’s Chris Hinchliff has taken over North East Hertfordshire from the Conservatives

The North East Hertfordshire In this seat, another massive Conservative majority was wiped out by Labour.

In 2019, Sir Oliver Heald had a majority of over 18,000 votes, but decided to retire after over 30 years as an MP in the region.

However, this majority was wiped out when Labour’s Chris Hinchliff won the seat with 18,358 votes and a majority of 1,923 votes to the Conservatives’ 16,435.

Reform UK once again takes third place with 8,462 votes.

Image source, Michael McCann/BBC

Image description, Sir Oliver Dowden retains his seat, albeit with a reduced majority

Former Deputy Prime Minister Sir Oliver Dowden described it as an “extremely difficult night” for the Conservative Party after its majority in Hertsmere was reduced from 21,313 to 7,992.

He added that the Conservative Party needed to “think long and hard about what happened.”

Referring to his shrinking majority, he addressed voters: “I have heard your concerns and I want to assure you that I do not take them for granted.”

Image description, Daisy Cooper retains her seat in St Albans for the Liberal Democrats

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Daisy Cooper was elected as MP for St Albans.

It increased its share of the vote from 27,610 in 2019 to 29,222.

Ms Cooper was regularly seen on the campaign trail with party leader Sir Ed Davey.

She told the BBC that her party was “humbled but also jubilant,” adding: “We are back in British politics.”

Image description, Josh Dean becomes one of the youngest Labour MPs at the age of 24 and takes over Hertford and Stortford

In Hertford and StortfordAt just 24 years old, Labour’s Josh Dean is one of the youngest MPs to win tonight.

Born in the QE2 hospital in Welwyn Garden City, raised in Hertford, lives in Ware, works in marketing, studies politics, he overturned the Conservative majority of 17,806 votes in 2019 and won by a majority of 4,748 votes over the Tories.

Reform UK came third, followed by the Greens.

Image description, Labour’s Alistair Strathern has taken up the new Hitchin seat, having originally held the Mid Bedfordshire seat.

Alistair Strathern’s gamble to run for another seat has paid off, as the former Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire (won in a by-election following the resignation of Nadine Dorries) has managed to Hitchin Seat of the Conservatives.

With 22,067 votes, Mr Strathern had a majority of 7,109 votes over Conservative candidate Bim Afolami, who received 14,958 votes.

“Tory chaos”

Labour politician David Taylor has Hemel Hempstead Conservative seat previously held by Sir Mike Penning.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Taylor said that “the people voted for change”.

“The Conservative chaos has made the people of Hemel even worse off,” he added.

“Labour will rebalance our economy and our policies so that they can once again work in the interests of working people here and in our community and in Britain.”


Image description, Gagan Mohindra wins South West Hertfordshire for the Tories

Gagan Mohindra was a very lucky conservative as he South West Hertfordshire Seat.

He won with 16,458 votes, an increase from 2019, when he received 14,408 votes.

Sally Symington came second with 12,002 votes and Alex Sufit for Labour came third.

In the brand new headquarters of Harpenden and BerkhamstedWith a majority of 10,708 votes, Liberal Democrat Victoria Collins is the first MP of East or Southeast Asian descent.

Voter turnout there was 75%, which is huge compared to some other constituencies in Beds, Herts and Bucks.

This seat has been a target of the Liberal Democrats since their leader Sir Ed Davey launched the party’s local election campaign in April 2024.

Conservative Nigel Gardner received 16,574 votes, Ms Collins 27,282. Reform came third with 4,245 votes.

“Democracy is democracy”

Image description, Matt Turmaine wins Watford for Labour

Matt Turmaine won Watford for Labour.

With a vote share of over 35 percent, he took over the seat from Conservative Dean Russell.

Mr Russell said: “Democracy is democracy.”

He said he had kept all his promises over the past four and a half years.

“The truth is, I’m not going to blame anyone. I’m taking responsibility for this. I’m going to take it with composure.”

It is no great surprise that the new post-war city Stevenage turn red overnight.

It is a so-called lead constituency, which means that in parliamentary elections, people in this district tend to vote in the interests of the country.

However, this is quite a big swing, as the incumbent Conservative MP Stephen McPartland (who has resigned) had a majority of 8,562 votes, but the new Labour MP now has a majority of 6,618 votes over the Conservative candidate Alex Clarkson.

Lewis Cocking, leader of Broxbourne The candidate of the legislative session, who stood for election to the Council, defeated Labour’s Catherine Deakin by 15,810 votes and retained the seat for his party.

Ms Deakin secured 12,952 votes, with Tom Holdsworth for Reform coming third with 8,782 votes.

Sir Charles Walker was Conservative MP for Broxbourne for 19 years with a majority of 19,807 votes, but resigned before this election.