Bonnie Tyler explains lip-syncing mistakes after viral mime during This Morning appearance

Bonnie Tyler on This Morning earlier this week

Bonnie Tyler on This Morning earlier this week

Bonnie Tyler on This Morning earlier this week

Bonnie Tyler has reacted after fans noticed that she was wearing a This morning earlier this week.

The Welsh singer caused a stir among her fans when she made a pantomimic mistake while presenting her most famous hit “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” on the ITV daytime show on Wednesday.

In the middle of the performance, Bonnie seemed to forget the lyrics and stopped singing, but the lyrics continued to play even though her lips didn’t move.

After she started trending on Twitter, Bonnie’s team released a statement saying she was “incredibly disappointed” to be performing in the show as a mime but had a sore throat.

Her spokesman said (via The Independent) that her voice has since deteriorated and she can now “barely speak”.

They said: “Everyone can be sure that Bonnie’s voice is still very strong even when she doesn’t have a cold. Anyone who comes to one of her live shows this year will be able to see this for themselves.

“She feels very sorry if anyone feels let down by her having to perform pantomime. In fact, she hates pantomiming and never normally does it. She is looking forward to her voice regaining its normal strength soon.”

Bonnie also posted a tweet with the comment: “A cold is a singer’s worst enemy.”

“I hope I feel better soon,” she said.

During her appearance on This Morning, Bonnie said she never gets tired of singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart, which just turned 40.

“I never get bored of singing it. I always sing it at all my gigs and always look forward to it being in my set.”

“The customers always love it.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.