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Talya Lippman Intern

Aden Palmer and Eduardo Leon Lotero were named valedictorian and runner-up, respectively, at West Hempstead Secondary School.

Aden Palmer

Aden Palmer has successfully achieved his goal of becoming valedictorian of the class of 2024 at West Hempstead High School.

“I worked hard for this,” Palmer said. “It’s an achievement I’ll never forget.”

Although being named valedictorian is a great honor, his smaller accomplishments are just as important to him. Coming first in an already impressive graduating class is a crowning achievement.

During his high school years, Palmer took a total of 11 Advanced Placement courses and participated in numerous extracurricular sports, including volleyball, bowling and tennis.

“Mathletes was my favorite,” Palmer said of his extracurricular activities. Math has always been his favorite subject. “I like working toward a set outcome.”

“Aden Palmer represents the best developed potential of our most precious resource, our youth,” said State Senator Kevan Thomas, who recognized Palmer’s academic achievement. “His accomplishments have brought lasting honor to his family and community and should be recognized and honored.”

After graduation, Palmer will attend Rochester Institute of Technology to study electrical engineering. The five-year course will allow him to earn both his master’s and bachelor’s degrees. He also plans to play on their men’s volleyball team. He would like to thank his family, teachers and friends for their help on the path to this success.

Eduardo Leon Lotero

Eduardo Leon Lotero describes being named second best as his greatest success.

“It feels great,” said Leon Lotero. “It made the whole study worthwhile.”

During high school, Eduardo took a total of 8 Advanced Placement courses and participated in several sports – volleyball in the fall, bowling in the winter, and tennis in the spring. He also received a scholarship from the West Hempstead Community Scholarship Fund and was selected based on his character and outstanding academic achievement.

Leon Lotero and his family moved from Columbia to West Hempstead nearly three years ago and said his family was lucky to find the most beautiful city in the world.

“Since my first day at West Hempstead Secondary School, I have been supported and surrounded by the most wonderful people,” said Leon Lotero upon receiving the award. “This has helped me achieve all of my goals.”

In addition, Leon Lotero was a member of the Five Towns Orchestra and the school’s jazz band, earning piano and cello solos.

“It is important to find a balance between extracurricular activities and studies,” said Leon Lotero. His system, which he would recommend to future students, was to focus on sports and music during the day and studies in the evening.

“This allowed me to meet all my requirements and give my best.”

After graduation, Eduardo will study finance at Malloy University’s Business School.

—Additional reporting by Nicole Formisano