BNBTezz: Flint’s versatile rising star

Flint, Michigan, a city often synonymous with resilience, has a burgeoning music scene, and among its promising talents is BNBTezz. Just a year ago, BNBTezz wasn’t all that serious about his music. However, once people started recognizing his talent, he started taking his craft seriously.

A natural talent emerges

BNBTezz’s musical journey wasn’t originally one he planned to take seriously. “At first I didn’t take it seriously, but then people told me I was good at rapping, so I started taking it seriously,” he recalls. His inclination towards hip-hop and rap was natural, but his versatility, he promises, will be evident in future releases. This diversity sets him apart and suggests he has the potential to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Musical roots and influences

Although he is primarily a rapper, BNBTezz’s musical roots run deeper. He can play parts of songs on the piano and spent much of his childhood playing drums. These skills indicate a basic understanding of music that likely enriches his rap compositions.

As for his influences, BNBTezz cites a mix of contemporary and influential artists. “X, Juice, Hotboii and Babytron fasho, Babytron and Hotboii are probably the two artists I play the most,” he says. This mix of influences from deceased legends and current heavyweights shapes his sound and gives it a unique touch.

The grind and the growth

Currently, two of BNBTezz’s songs are available on all streaming platforms. Despite the limited discography, he understands how tough the music industry must be. “Music is a lot harder work than people think. If you’re not in it full-time, you won’t see your true potential,” he explains. This dedication was tested by his fear of public backlash, a common hurdle for many aspiring artists. “I was really scared to quit for a while because I see big artists constantly getting hated on, and I’m nowhere near their level, so I didn’t even want to imagine what people would say about me. But that’s something that comes with chasing your dreams.”

Once he got over that fear, his confidence grew. He records everything at home, a testament to his DIY ethic. “When I made ‘Late at Night’, it took about 20 minutes. I found the beat, downloaded it and then just went with it.”

Collaboration and future plans

Meeting Jay, a Flint-based producer known for his work with KrispyLife Kidd, marked a significant moment in BNBTezz’s journey. Meeting Jay during his second studio session was a cool experience that likely provided valuable industry insight and contacts.

Looking ahead, BNBTezz is working on an EP, but details are being kept under wraps. Fans can expect new singles to be released ahead of the EP. There are no set dates yet, but the promise of more music coming “soon.” This anticipation builds excitement about his growing catalog and potential.

BNBTezz’s story is one of talent, fearlessness, and a tireless work ethic. As he continues to hone his craft and expand his musical repertoire, he is poised to make his mark on the hip-hop scene not only in Flint, but beyond. Look out for this versatile artist ready to show his full potential.