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I have a mid-2018 15″ MacBook Pro. I recently created a bootable drive using OS Ventura while running OS Sequoia Beta on my Mac to downgrade to Ventura. After updating from Ventura to Sonoma, my Mac started to stutter, but only when it was unplugged and charging. I don’t think it was the beta. When I tried to downgrade, I kept getting error messages saying that the OS installation failed due to a perceived corruption.

To troubleshoot, I wiped my drive and removed the device from iCloud. Based on online advice, I thought this might also remove the operating system, but this did not solve the problem. Now when I try to reboot and reinstall Sonoma because Ventura was working on my bootable drive, my MacBook automatically goes into Internet Recovery Mode instead of normal Recovery Mode.

every time I connect to my wifi and try to continue it fails. It shows a globe with a warning sign and takes me to along with error codes like -1008f or -2008f. I’ve tried keyboard shortcuts like Command+R or Command+Option+R but nothing seems to work. Every boot goes back to Internet Recovery Mode. I’ve attached some pictures for reference. Any help would be appreciated!