Businesses and residents of Waco look forward to “quiet zone”

MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas (KXXV) — The City of Waco is working to create peace of mind for downtown residents and visitors. Last December, the City Council approved the creation of a quiet zone – something downtown businesses and residents are looking forward to.

  • Rachel Ruth Tate, marketing director at the Herringbone Hotel, says the train runs throughout the night, disturbing guests.
  • Downtown residents say they hear the train horns, but since they have lived in the area for a while, they have become used to it.
  • The plans approved last December list the quiet zone from Peach Street to 13th Street.


“It affects everyone, from guests to employees, every day and every night,” said Rachel Ruth Tate.

The Herringbone Hotel is located downtown, just a few meters from the train tracks on Fourth Street.

“The train leaves every night in the middle of the night,” she said.

For this reason, this hotel is eagerly awaiting the city’s implementation of the new quiet zone in the city center.

Rachel Ruth Tate, marketing director of the boutique hotel, says the constant honking of trains disrupts guests’ stays, leading to negative Google reviews.

“Some of them list the times they wake up in the night, and that’s their business. They know I can’t do anything about when the train comes, but they want to be warned,” Tate said.

A resident of the Riverfront Lofts, which are located right next to the tracks, says he just moved in and hears the train every night.

When speaking to a homeowner on Ninth Street, he said that they lived far enough away that it wasn’t a problem, but his family was used to loud horns after 30 years there.

Tate says she is looking forward to the new quiet zone regulations no longer requiring her to cover her ears several times a day and to an improvement in the quality of life downtown.

“There are other hotels, Pivovar, AC Marriott – we’ve all considered it, but it’s some of the best real estate downtown, and we’re walking distance from the Silos. It’s the place to be whether there are railroad tracks or not,” Tate said.

The zoning plans were approved in December 2023. They state that the quiet zone will extend from Peach Street to 13th Street.

25 messages has reached out to the city to find out when the quiet zone will be implemented. We are still waiting for a response.

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