Alamo Drafthouse cinemas in North Texas close due to bankruptcy

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas franchise in North Texas has abruptly closed its doors after its operating company, Two is One, One is None, LLC, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This sudden move affects five theaters in Richardson, Las Colinas, Denton, and the Lake Highlands and Cedars neighborhoods of Dallas. In addition, a location in Woodbury, Minnesota, operated by the same franchisee, has also been closed.

This announcement comes as a shock to moviegoers and employees alike, as all affected theaters have immediately ceased operations. However, the bankruptcy of Two is One, One is None, LLC does not impact other Alamo Drafthouse locations across Texas, which will remain open.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas’ parent company has issued a statement assuring the public that it is committed to reopening Dallas-area theaters as soon as possible. The closure reflects the broader challenges facing niche theater chains in a competitive market, particularly in the wake of the pandemic in which streaming services have significantly altered consumer viewing habits.

Such closures are a tragedy for local communities and movie lovers who value the unique cinema experience offered by the Alamo Drafthouse – a theater known for its high-quality screen projections, gourmet food and strict no-speaking policy during films.

For North Texas residents, the future reopening of these theaters may depend on a variety of factors, including finding new franchisees or restructuring operations. Until then, the iconic movie theaters in Richardson, Las Colinas, Denton, Lake Highlands and Cedars will remain dark, waiting for a second chance to provide entertainment.