Oshkosh Defense produces modernized FHTVs for the U.S. Army – Company announcement

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–8. July 2024–
Oshkosh Defense, LLCa Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK) today announced that the United States Army Contracting Command – Arsenal FC (ACC-DTA) placed orders valued at 231.9 million US dollars for modernized heavy tactical vehicles, kits and kit installations.

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Oshkosh Defense produces modernized FHTVs for the U.S. Army – Company announcement

Oshkosh Defense Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles (FHTV) (Photo: Business Wire)

According to the instructions Oshkosh will produce new Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4 tankers, freighters, tow trucks, Load Handling Systems (LHS), Common Bridge Transports (CBT) and Palletized Load System (PLS) A1s.

“We are very honored that the United States Army continues to demand Oshkosh to provide our soldiers with the only heavy tactical vehicles that are proven to be robust and flexible enough to meet the demands of contested logistics,” said Patrick WilliamsChief Programs Officer at Oshkosh Defense“After producing more than 50,000 heavy tactical vehicles for the US These delivery orders underscore the unmatched reliability and versatility of the Oshkosh Defense Heavy Tactical Vehicles (FHTVs) family to the military and its allied partners.”

As part of the orders Oshkosh will also integrate enhanced capabilities into the PLS A1 fleet through recapitalization, which is an important and cost-effective means of modernizing the fleet, extending the life of the vehicles and reducing operating costs. For decades Oshkosh is a partnership with the United States Army To recapitalize more than 20,000 heavy tactical vehicles and return them to the field in zero mile, zero hour condition and with the same warranty as a new vehicle.

Williams concluded by saying, “Oshkosh is proud of our long-standing partnership with United States Army to modernize the Oshkosh FHTV with new and improved capabilities through cost-effective and targeted upgrades. Room for growth in the face of evolving threats and requirements is key for these heavy platforms to provide the payload, protection and mobility to support our Soldiers in future combat environments.”

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