Weather update: Will it finally rain in Karachi today?

Rain is expected in the afternoon, ending the ongoing heat wave and causing temperatures to drop to 31 °C.


Karachi residents may finally get some relief from the ongoing heatwave as the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast isolated dust storms with rain in some areas today.

The expected rain is expected to begin in the afternoon, possibly ending the ongoing heatwave that has gripped the city for weeks.

The Met Office is forecasting temperatures to rise between 35 and 37°C, with a minimum temperature of 31°C recorded in the last 24 hours.

According to PMD, winds are currently blowing from the west and southwest at 12 kilometers per hour and the humidity is 73 percent.

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Despite the forecast rain, the Met Office warns that the weather is likely to remain hot and humid over the next 24 hours, accompanied by stormy conditions that may continue until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, weather experts warned that torrential rains could cause flash floods in AJK, northeast Balochistan and mountain rivers of Dera Ghazi Khan in a day or two. Urban flooding is expected in Pothohar region of upper Punjab.

Heavy rains also pose a risk of landslides in Murree, Galyat, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, which could potentially lead to traffic disruptions, according to the PMD forecast. The weather will remain hot and humid in most districts of Balochistan, it added.

In preparation for the upcoming monsoon, Karachi’s Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) has declared a rainfall emergency and deployed special teams for timely drainage of rainwater. A CBC spokesperson revealed that 1,288 personnel have been assigned special duties under the rainfall emergency plan, with 638 personnel working in seven sectors and 650 responsible for rainwater drainage.