TC Line calls for Monday, July 8, 2024 – Longmont Times-Call

Geese from McIntosh Lake

• To solve the goose droppings problem at McIntosh Lake, the city could open McIntosh Lake to hunting. The hunters would then take care of the geese and the geese would not poop on the sidewalk. This is a great idea and good for the goose population.

• Over the last three years, humans have overrun the designated wildlife refuge at Lake McIntosh. I would say that many people use Lake McIntosh as their personal toilet. It seems fair that the geese use the walkway as their toilet. I give the geese a shout out. They were here long before us.

Two examples

I’m calling again to get an update from Trump supporters. There’s a call in Thursday’s paper talking about all the horrible things Joe Biden has done to this country during his presidency. Give me two examples. Really, please, I’d like to know what you think he’s done that’s so mean and horrible.

Boebert headline

As I was cleaning out some newspapers, I saw a headline in the (last) Sunday edition that read, “Can Calvarese Beat Boebert?” It sounds like you are more interested in putting someone from your favorite party in power than in making sure those voters are represented by the person they want.


A few days ago, someone called me and said that religion is designed to scare people into obeying, while Jesus wants to focus his attention on sinners who need love, guidance and forgiveness. Don’t believe others who misuse his name to torment others. If you try to live with empathy, tolerance and compassion guiding your interactions with others, your life will be better.

Fourth cover

I am so disappointed that the Times-Call, our local – supposed – newspaper, had absolutely nothing to say about the wonderful Fourth of July celebration in Roosevelt Park on Friday morning. There should have at least been pictures.

Illegal fireworks

In northwest Longmont, there were bombs and illegal fireworks until 1:30 a.m. on July 5. It’s hard to say how many people — the elderly, the sick, veterans — weren’t able to get proper rest. It’s scary, too. We’re afraid that fireworks could land on our property and start a fire. Some of my neighbors on Danbury Drive have caused this problem. I know who you are. If it keeps up, I’m calling the police. You’ve been warned.

Drone show

Yes, let’s bring the drones back. It was a beautiful (Thursday) night.

“Ask Eric”

I find that Asking Eric is a poor replacement for the advice column Ask Amy, which no longer exists. Eric’s answers are too long and mechanical, like those of most men.

Lose residents?

The front page of the Saturday paper says Longmont has been losing residents, so why are we building all this housing at a cancerous pace?