Meagan Good on working with Tyler Perry on “Divorce in the Black”

Despite an actual divorce two years ago from ex-husband and Vice President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences DeVon FranklinMeagan Good uses this experience, in addition to her long acting career, to add an encouraging message to her upcoming film. Divorce in black.

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Actors opposite Cory Hardrict (who also finalized his divorce from Tia Mowry two years ago), the upcoming film follows Ava, a young bank teller who is devastated when her husband Dallas decides to leave their marriage. She’s determined to fight for it, but it’s only when fate intervenes — and reveals Dallas’ evil deeds that destroyed their marriage and once sabotaged Ava’s destiny to be loved by her true soulmate — that she embarks on a quest to right the wrongs and redefine herself in the process.

The movie is Director: Tyler Perry who and it is the first time that they are working together. In conversation with The origin Speaking at Essencefest and ahead of the film’s release on Prime Video on July 11, Good shared how working with Perry helped her discover a different side of herself that she wasn’t used to seeing.

Tyler Perry’s ‘Divorce in the Black’ – Official Trailer | Prime Video

“First of all, Tyler Perry is a genius, an angel, and just a sweet human being. And he’s so much fun to work with. Because he knows exactly what he wants, but he also lets you bring what you bring authentically,” she said at the 2024 ESSENCE Festival. “I’m the type of person where I hate it when someone knows if they’re getting on my nerves. I would be like, ‘OK, girl, sure, you’re right!’ But he said, ‘Yeah, that might be the reaction: What if it was just completely open and vulnerable? And how do you feel in that moment?'”

Good continuation:

And it was really cool because with that challenge I was just able to go somewhere I’d never been before. It felt weird at first because it was so different from how I would approach something to protect myself per se. But because of that, it was like it brought something different out of me. And I was really, really happy with the finished product. And when I saw it, I thought you’re going to see some other sides, other things, like you do with all the characters, but also just me, period. That’s growth.

And while the Harlem Although the star admitted that she (thankfully) couldn’t fully relate to the struggles her character Ava went through, she was able to use the stories and experiences of those closest to her and draw from her own life to figure out how to turn Ava’s sad story into one of empowerment.

“I haven’t experienced everything Ava has gone through. But I’ve done character studies, friends who have gone through something like that, and just tried to be as honest and authentic as possible,” she said.

Capturing situations related to friendship, such as when a friend disappoints you, lets you down, or does something you never thought possible, also helped her understand Ava’s character.

All of these experiences, no matter how painful, can make us stronger, Good said, adding, “I believe life is made up of several acts. And once you’ve gotten through your first act, get ready for the second act, because it’s going to be incredible and you have a choice in how you look at it.”

Divorce in the black will stream on Prime Video on July 11th.