1922: Chairman of the Committee is elected as the Tories prepare for the race for the party leadership

The committee’s entire board will be elected on Tuesday, but the election campaign will only take place for the candidates for the chairmanship.

Only Tory backbenchers can stand for election, but as the party has not yet officially appointed a shadow cabinet, it is likely that this will consist of the vast majority of Conservatives who still have seats in the House of Commons.

Potential candidates have until Tuesday at 3 p.m. to decide whether they want to run. The new chairman and managing director are expected to be elected by Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Mr Blackman has been MP for Harrow East since 2010. In Thursday’s election he achieved the rare feat of increasing his majority while the Conservatives lost 251 seats across the rest of the country.

He told The Telegraph on Saturday: “It was hard work, slogging nine hours a day for six weeks during the election campaign, knocking on doors, talking to people and running a very local campaign, I have to say.”

Sir Geoffrey, who was first elected in 1992 and won the newly created North Cotswold constituency on Thursday, has also confirmed his candidacy.

He told The Telegraph that the Tories needed a leader “with the authority to rally the party together, listen to all views and then drive things forward”.

A key question for the committee’s new leadership will be how much time to allow for the Tory leadership race. Some senior Conservatives are calling for a longer campaign to allow the party to fully examine the reasons for its defeat and properly test the candidates.