XL Coaching and Development launches new team dynamics toolset to transform corporate training

Photo courtesy of Ryan Crittenden

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Imagine a workplace where the strengths of each team member are recognized and utilized. This is the focus at XL Coaching and Development, where Dr. Ryan Crittenden advances this goal with a comprehensive team coaching program.

XL Coaching and Development focuses on individual strengths to improve team dynamics and increase organizational performance. This program tailors its approach to the individual needs of each team member while fostering collective growth, moving away from traditional one-size-fits-all corporate training methods.

The coach behind XL Coaching and Development

At the heart of XL Coaching and Development’s approach is its founder Ryan Crittenden, an Army veteran with a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology from Grand Canyon University.

“I’ve often been in leadership positions where my boss wanted me to be like him or do things his way,” says Crittenden. “I felt like I had to change to be successful. Every meeting was about what I needed to change.”

This experience inspired Crittenden to develop a coaching method that focuses on individual strengths rather than fixing weaknesses. As a certified Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach, Six Types of Working Genius consultant, and John Maxwell team member, Crittenden brings extensive expertise to his role.

“Understanding my talents allowed me to build them into strengths. Now I help individuals, leaders and teams improve their performance and productivity while staying true to themselves,” says Crittenden.

Crittenden’s approach to team development

XL Coaching and Development’s team coaching program focuses on individual and collective growth to improve organizational leadership, performance and productivity. The program begins with individual coaching sessions that provide personal insights that form the foundation for effective team dynamics. These sessions utilize the CliftonStrengths assessment and the six types of work geniuses to identify and develop each individual’s strengths.

Following individual coaching, XL Coaching provides team workshops designed to improve collaboration, communication and overall team performance. These workshops build on the insights from the initial assessments and focus on increasing accountability, shared responsibility and creating a supportive environment. The company also provides ongoing support to help teams implement what they have learned and address challenges as they arise to ensure continuous improvement and resilience.

XL Coaching and Development’s programs are tailored to each company’s needs and goals, and adapt to its objectives and culture. “We develop individuals and build stronger teams,” says Crittenden. “By understanding and appreciating the strengths of each team member, we can create an environment where collaboration and creativity thrive.”

The psychological benefits of team coaching

Team coaching increases psychological safety, which is critical for effective teamwork, and leads to greater creativity and problem-solving skills. It also builds trust within the team. When team members participate in coaching sessions, they better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This mutual understanding builds trust as individuals have more confidence in their colleagues’ abilities and intentions.

Team coaching can also improve employee engagement and satisfaction. When team members feel valued and supported through coaching, they are more committed to their work and committed to the team’s goals. This increased engagement leads to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover, which benefits the company.

Shaping the future of team excellence

Crittenden is committed to helping organizations leverage individual strengths to drive collective success. His approach combines advanced assessments and personalized coaching strategies to ensure each team member is performing at their best. Looking to the future, he aims to continually refine and expand XL Coaching and Development’s tools and methodologies.

Led by Ryan Crittenden, XL Coaching and Development offers a new approach to corporate training. By focusing on individual strengths, building effective team dynamics, and providing ongoing support, Crittenden helps teams reach their full potential. “Our goal is to create an environment where every team member can succeed and contribute to the collective success of the company,” explains Crittenden, setting the stage for team excellence.