Victim of Tyler shooting shot with AK-47 after U-turn, affidavit says

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A 19-year-old killed in a shooting in Tyler on July 4 was shot with an AK-47 rifle after his friend’s car turned behind Bautista’s car, according to an affidavit.

The affidavit describes how 19-year-old Rawly Sanchez and his friends had to turn around when they realized the Old Gladewater Highway would not take them to Montgomery Gardens. As they turned behind Bautista’s car, the driver reported seeing a person with an AK-47 rifle inside a building who was shooting at them.

Rawly was hit by the rifle and his friends took him to a local hospital for treatment, where he died. Around the same time, an officer from the Tyler Police Department was driving past Bautista’s car when he saw a white Ford Explorer with bullet holes in the side. When the officer later returned, the Ford was gone and then officers from the Smith County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene.

Corina Bautista, 35, then arrived at the scene and was questioned about the Ford. She initially reportedly said the car was never there, but then, when shown footage of the car, said someone had shot at her.

Seferino Bautista-Renteria. Photo courtesy of Smith County Jail.

Officers went to Corina’s residence and found the Ford. A man was seen inside and questioned. Seferino Bautista-Renteria, 35, of Tyler, said he was at the lake with his family and then went to Bautista Auto to drop off jet skis. Seferino claimed he and his son were almost hit by a truck, so they went inside. According to the affidavit, Seferino said he did not display any weapons.

Seferino’s son was interviewed and he said the truck almost hit them and his father took him inside then he went back outside. Then Seferino’s son said he heard gunshots outside.

Several 7.62 caliber cartridge cases were reportedly found at the crime scene, and Corina admitted there were guns in the store after initially saying there were none at the scene. The store was raided with a search warrant, and two AK rifles were found in an SUV in a rear building of Bautista Auto.

According to the report, Corina and the son lost sight of Seferino while he was outside during the shooting. He was arrested on charges of murder and two counts of aggravated assault. He is being held in the Smith County Jail on a total bail of $2,800,000.

His wife, Corina, was arrested for tampering with evidence with intent to harm. She is being held in the Smith County Jail on $25,000 bail.