Denny Hamlin reacts to Tyler Reddick’s attack on Alex Bowman on the last lap and crashes into the wall

It looked like Tyler Reddick had a step ahead of Alex Bowman on the final lap of the Grant Park 165 Chicago Street Race on Sunday.

Reddick, who was on slicks to Bowman’s wets, was the faster car and took less than a second to reach Bowman’s bumper. But that didn’t happen as Reddick hit the wall at Turn 5 and lost all his momentum. Bowman increased his lead over Reddick and took it to the start/finish line.

Denny Hamlin, co-owner of 23XI Racing, said on Monday on the “Actions Detrimental” podcast that Reddick was probably thinking too much about the remaining passing opportunities he would have to get past Bowman.

“It’s a bummer,” Hamlin said. “I thought he was going to make it, especially because he was coming at him so fast. But yeah, the main thing is, to finish first, you have to finish. I think he’s going to be hard on himself, but he’s trying everything he can. He probably thinks he has two legitimate passing opportunities left at this point. He wouldn’t have gotten close enough to Turn 5 where he hit the wall to get into Turn 6.

“So there were two other options, probably two. One would have been over the bridge at Turn 7 and the other would have been the very last corner because you’d think there would be another one there at Turn 11 but the ground was wet and he had slick tires and that probably wouldn’t have worked unless he wanted to overtake Alex. So I think he probably panicked as he counted down the remaining overtaking opportunities and he only had two left. … It would have been a battle for sure. The 48 would probably have blocked him and tried to keep him in the wet but the 45 came so fast I think he would have done it with an attack in the last couple of corners but that obviously didn’t work out.”

Tyler Reddick is eliminated from the Chicago Street Race

Instead of scoring his second win of the season, Reddick suffered a bitter disappointment for the second consecutive race. He narrowly missed the win last Sunday in Nashville when he failed to pass Joey Logano on the final lap.

“Yeah, I’m upset,” Reddick said after the race. “I was a long way behind Alex. I don’t know. It’s confusing to me. I clearly messed up. I tried to stay in the dry lane and I had more than enough room in the dry lane. Yeah, I cut the wheel a little bit too much – just not focused enough, I guess. I knew I was going to catch him and the sooner I could catch him, the more options I had and it would be a little more fluid from Turn 8 onwards.

“Yeah, unfortunately we didn’t even give ourselves a chance to compete against him. I hate it. That’s not what this Jordan Brand Toyota Camry is about and what this team is about. We just have to start capitalizing on it.”