Flint Twp., MI – Car crash blocks Corunna Road near Walmart

Flint, MI (July 8, 2024) – A car accident reported in Flint prompted immediate response from police, fire and emergency services. The collision occurred on July 7 at approximately 12:35 p.m.

According to police reports, a car crash occurred in the 4300 block of Corunna Road. The crash caused several lanes of the road to be blocked near the Walmart store. After the crash, police and firefighters responded quickly and closed the road to prevent further damage. One crash victim required additional medical attention and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and concerns are with the injured and their families.

Car accidents in Michigan

Flint Twp., MI – Car crash blocks Corunna Road near WalmartFlint Twp., MI – Car crash blocks Corunna Road near WalmartDealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be incredibly stressful. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of serious car accidents are reported across the state each year. After such incidents, victims have the opportunity to pursue legal claims against those at fault. Consulting with a car accident attorney can greatly increase your chances of proving negligence. To succeed with a negligence claim, you must prove the following five elements:

  1. Duty of care: Show that the defendant had a legal duty to act responsibly and prevent harm. This duty arises from the relationship between the parties, such as a doctor-patient or employer-employee relationship or drivers sharing a roadway, and implies a standard of care that a reasonable person would observe in similar circumstances.
  1. Breach of duty: Prove that the defendant failed to fulfill that duty, acted negligently or recklessly, and thereby endangered your safety. This may include actions such as ignoring safety protocols, failing to maintain equipment, or failing to provide adequate warnings of potential hazards.
  1. Actual Causation: Prove that the defendant’s negligence directly caused your injury. This element requires a clear, factual connection between the defendant’s breach of duty and the damage you suffered. Essentially, you must prove that you would not have been injured if the defendant had not been negligent.
  1. Proximate Cause: Make it clear that the consequences of the defendant’s actions were foreseeable consequences of his negligence. This means you must prove that the type of harm you suffered was a foreseeable result of the defendant’s actions or omissions, rather than the result of an independent or unforeseeable event.
  1. Damages: Provide evidence of actual damages and losses caused by the defendant’s negligence, including medical expenses, lost income, or other damages. This part requires detailed documentation of your injuries, the financial impact of your medical treatment, any lost work time, and other quantifiable losses. In addition, you may also include non-economic damages such as pain and suffering or emotional distress.

By carefully justifying each of these elements, you can hold the defendant legally accountable for his or her negligence.

To improve your chances of getting justice after an accident, it is important to have a Flint car accident lawyer represent you. Your attorney will build a strong case against the defendant and prove their responsibility for the accident.

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