Warning to British car owners who park on the street instead of in garages

Motorists face fines of up to £130 for copying number plates. Criminals are copying number plates to carry out illegal activities and leaving innocent drivers to face the consequences. Traffic experts and road safety advocates have expressed concern about the increase in such incidents.

A shocking rise in the number of unsuspecting drivers in London receiving fines for having their vehicle’s registration duplicated has been revealed by a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request to Transport for London (TfL). Data showed that 16,264 Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were issued to vehicles with cloned number plates in the capital last year, a significant increase on the 7,262 notices recorded in 2021, according to a report in The Sun newspaper this week.

Alice Hempstead of MoneySuperMarket, an insurance specialist, warns: “Vehicle safety has become one of the biggest concerns for vehicle owners and insurers. With the rise in thefts, cloning and parts theft across the UK, most drivers have seen a dramatic increase in their insurance premiums in recent years and it is more important than ever that drivers take the safety of their vehicles seriously.”

Car cloning is an illegal act in which criminals copy the identity of a car and transfer it to another, similar vehicle for criminal purposes. Victims of car cloning can face significant red tape and financial loss through no fault of their own. They can even lose thousands if they unknowingly purchase a cloned vehicle.

She pointed out that there are steps motorists can take to prevent their number plate cloning, including securing their vehicle out of sight. “Even something as minimal as using a car cover can deter thieves and number plate cloners, but parking your car in a garage and fitting insurance-approved security devices can help protect your vehicle and reduce your insurance premiums too,” she explained, according to Birmingham Live.