All Dawntrail Hunt Mark locations in Final Fantasy XIV

Whether you simply want to collect XP or unlock unique rewards in Final Fantasy XIV, hunt are a very rewarding side hustle that many players neglect. The Dawntrail expansion brings new hunting tokens for each of its zones, and tracking these targets down will net you a decent amount of XP and some bags of nuts that you can trade in for materia, minions, and more.

How to unlock Dawn Hunts in Final Fantasy XIV

Dawn Hunts are unlocked in Tuliyolalthe starting city of Dawntrail. The hunting dealer is located near the Bayside Bevy Marketplace Aetheryte Shard south of the settlement’s main Aetheryte Crystal. Level 90you can use the Wings of Protection Scout to unlock the first set of hunts for Dawntrail.

Here are the quests and requirements for all Dawntrail Hunt ranks.

Unlocked hunts Quest name Required level
Junior hunts A new morning, a new hunt 90
Associated hunts Why we hunt 94
Senior hunts Hunt for the hunter 99
Elite hunts The hunt continues 100

All FFXIV Dawntrail Hunt Mark Locations

When you visit the hunt board and accept your daily objectives, you will be directed to a vague region for each required enemy. It can be frustrating to scour each zone in search of a specific enemy, so we have compiled a list of all Hunt Mark locations for each Dawntrail zone.



Yak Tel


Heir found

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That’s all you need to know about Dawn Hunts in FFXIV Dawntrail! While Roulettes and FATEs are great sources of XP, Do not neglect hunting if you do not have enough experience for one of the new Dawntrail dungeons in the main storyline.

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