Kevin Harvick criticizes Tyler Reddick for his pattern of not being able to finish

At Saturday’s Grant Park 165, it looked for a brief moment as if Alex Bowman would easily take the win with a large lead over the field when he raised the white flag for the final lap.

Then a challenger broke through the rest of the field and began to attack. And violently.

It was Tyler Reddick, racing on slick tires against Bowman’s rain tires. And he caught up quickly. Fast enough to make it a thrilling race in the final moments.

But just before Reddick could really put pressure on Bowman, he hit a wall. He lost a lot of speed, allowing Bowman to extend his lead again and finish the race comfortably.

“Another moment that has stuck in my mind, and I almost hate to say it, is the Tyler Reddick scenario at the end,” Kevin Harvick said at the Kevin Harvick’s Happy Hour Podcast. “Tyler Reddick wanted to catch Alex Bowman, and we’ve seen that with Tyler in several races now where he had a chance to win and didn’t win. And I think he clipped the wall in Turn 2, but he caught Alex Bowman and would have run all the way to the rear bumper of the No. 48 car before he got back to the start/finish line, putting himself out of contention for the win.”

It was the latest in a series of late-race mistakes that prevented Reddick from taking home the win, and the frustration was clearly written on his face after the race.

He knew he had simply made a mistake by taking the corner too far inside, ruining his chance of catching Bowman.

It is also not Tyler Reddick’s first late slip-up this season.

“We saw that after Nashville he was very frustrated because he couldn’t win the race with a much faster car,” Harvick said. “I think when he looks back and looks back at the race, he just stayed on the top line and didn’t give himself any opportunity to do anything different on corner entry and mid-corner. He basically made Joey Logano’s job a lot easier than he should have from a blocking perspective by running on the top line. But he had a much faster car.”

“And if you go back to Las Vegas with that scenario at the beginning of the year and don’t win the race, he’s just going through a lot of scenarios here where he wasn’t able to capitalize on all those wins.”

The good news for Tyler Reddick is that despite the disappointments, he has already secured a playoff spot with one win this season. And he is third in the Cup Series points standings, so he is having a stellar season.

It’s just a step closer to becoming a dominant campaign.

Worse still, Harvick believes the close calls could now affect Reddick at the crucial moment of some of these exciting races.

“We saw Tyler’s frustration after Nashville because he couldn’t win the race,” Harvick said. “But he’s got to figure it out because he’s got cars and situations, whether he has the car or not, he’s had situations where he should have won. He’s capable of winning more races than he’s won. I think that frustration that he carries around probably affects him and the things that happen at the end of those races.”