The Waco Convention Center hosted the Homeless Connect project to help homeless people find resources

Waco, TX (FOX 44) – Project Homeless Connect is a great event to support the homeless in Waco.
Their goal is to provide convenient access to community resources to facilitate the transition out of homelessness.

“We bring in different providers like social services, medical staff and churches. We offer hairdressers. We even have ABC Health Care here for pet care,” says Nicole Wiscombe, director of housing and homeless services.

They also offer bike repair services, donated clothing, housing information, and hearings led by Youth Action Board members where youth come together to talk and have someone they can relate to.

The Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition is a sponsored, semi-annual program that serves approximately 100 to 150 people in the summer and 200 to 225 people in the winter.

“We started the summer event a few years ago to offer an additional event throughout the year to better help our homeless neighbors,” says Wiscombe.

Christian, a participant who is not from Texas, says he has been homeless for a little over a year and did not believe there were any resources available to help him overcome homelessness.

“I found these people who help 18- to 24-year-olds and young adults. They put us in touch, get us accommodation and just offer a lot of resources. For example, right now I’m trying to get my ID,” says Christian.

He expresses how grateful he is to everyone who works for him and provides him with the necessities.

“I have toiletries and some clothes because my clothes were stolen recently. This is just a big deal. I’m grateful that everyone here is helping me,” says Christian.

Every year on December 21, Indigent Health Care and The Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition hold a memorial service for the homeless. Today, the memorial service was brought here to remember the 27 people who died this year.

“They are really good at reaching out to youth and other things and getting involved in the community,” Christian says.

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