Numerous conspiracy theories: Dodgers put Tyler Glasnow on the injured list

One of the biggest concerns when the Los Angeles Dodgers signed Tyler Glasnow was his less-than-ideal injury history. He had only thrown more than 100 innings twice since 2016, as he struggled with shoulder and arm issues during his time with the Pirates and Rays. When he was healthy again, everyone agreed he had the makings of a top-tier starter…but that was always a big if.

Still, the Dodgers not only signed Glasnow, but gave him a lucrative contract extension that seemed like a bargain at the start of the season. He was mostly excellent in his first 18 starts, with a 3.47 ERA and one of the better strikeout rates of any starter.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened recently. After he allowed five earned runs in two consecutive starts, Dodgers fans were understandably concerned, and those worries were justified when the Dodgers placed Glasnow on the injured list on Tuesday with a back injury.

The news is bad enough, but bizarre things are also happening: Social media is awash with accusations that the Dodgers are manipulating the injury list and that Glasnow is not actually injured.

First, the really important part: Glasnow’s injury. All that is known at the moment is that Glasnow’s back is tight. Whether this is a minor issue and he’ll be ready to play as soon as he’s eligible to play again, or whether he’ll be out for a longer period of time is unclear. Given Glasnow’s injury history, this is a real concern, and even a minor injury is something to keep a close eye on. Dodgers fans know all too well what back injuries have done to Clayton Kershaw.

The strange thing about the whole thing, though, is that despite solid evidence that Glasnow has been struggling for two starts AND the sad reality that his time on the injured list will keep him from even being able to make his first All-Star Game appearance, some baseball fans are convinced that the roster change is part of a larger conspiracy. This was one of the milder versions.

Again, this may have been hopeful optimism rather than actual delusion. However, there were others who took a more drastic and dramatic approach.

To be clear, this is not good news for the Dodgers. Tyler Glasnow needs to be healthy, good, and on the mound regularly for the Dodgers to get where they want to be this year. With all the injuries they’ve already dealt with this year, the last thing they want is uncertainty about Glasnow, even if it’s predictable.

Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to convince some fans. It won’t be long before those same accounts single out some poor Dodgers season ticket holder who happens to be wearing colorful shirts and claim he’s the one running the whole scam.

Never change, social media. Never change.

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