It’s time for Summer League Basketball: Spurs vs China

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The Chinese national team has played two games in Sacramento and lost them by an average of more than 40 points. They looked much better in the second game than the first, as they kept the lead at around 10 points until the Hornets gained the upper hand late in the second half. China was reprimanded in their first two games for a lot of moving blocks, but the longer they played, the more they seemed to figure out how to avoid those reprimands, and if they can limit the turnovers, they could be much more competitive.

China has size and good shooters. I expect the Spurs to win this game since the Chinese program is nowhere near as mature as the game in the U.S., but it’s entirely possible this team can give the underachieving Summer Spurs a scare. The Summer Spurs are one of the least talented teams in Sacramento, especially if you discount the trio of players expected to arrive in San Antonio after training camp. (Castle, Cissoko, Ingram) Many other NBA teams put more experienced players on their Summer League teams, but the Spurs have decided to only train their rookies this year.

The Summer League teams are there to train the young players and get extra practice in the team system, which is a little hard on the rest of the team since they are just there to show their games and get a taste of the NBA experience. Even though these guys are really good basketball players, they only have the slimmest chance of making it onto an NBA roster, but they will give it their all tonight to make their dream come true.

Tonight is the Spurs’ final game of the California Classic Summer League. They have no games until Saturday night at 8 p.m., when they face the Portland Trail Blazers in Las Vegas.

Match prediction:

The Chinese team will protest some missed decisions, but the referees will not notice because they have not yet figured out how to complain the American way. Chris Paul will be hired by the Chinese as a consultant after his retirement to solve this problem.

One last word:

Come on, Spurs, GOOOOOAL!!

San Antonio Spurs vs China (California Classic)
July 9, 2024 | 7:00 p.m. CT
Streaming: NBA TV

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