TC Line calls for Wednesday, July 10, 2024 – Longmont Times-Call

Touch-and-Go aircraft

Remember, if you want a competent pilot to accompany you on your next vacation, pilots must learn to fly. And they do that through many, many hours of touch-and-go instruction.

Abby is missing, Amy

Oh dear, I miss Dear Abby and Ask Amy, and I’m afraid Eric is so long-winded that I don’t feel like reading them. I don’t need a psychology course. I just need a quick, entertaining answer.

Fireworks banned?

It is now Tuesday, July 10th and… your newspaper did not report how many citations were issued or how many arrests were made for illegal fireworks in the city of Longmont. And as I travel around town and have talked to neighbors and friends, the city of Longmont has been like a battle zone for illegal fireworks, but nothing was mentioned in the newspaper. Why not? Were any citations issued or arrests made? Can you please publish this, find out the information and provide an article on it?

lightning strike

Your article about the lightning strike says Wednesday. Shouldn’t it have said Sunday around 6 p.m.?

Shootings in Chicago

It was reported that 100 people were shot in Chicago this past weekend, and we as a society are OK with that? As long as it’s young black people killing other young black people, I guess that’s OK. It is Chicago, after all. Let’s stop this madness and put an age limit on public gun ownership and start confiscating guns. Implement gun registration for public gun ownership and confiscate unregistered guns. And the NRA will be damned if they don’t support this.

Donald Trump

Independence Day: I wonder how we can celebrate it if Trump is elected and … he controls the House of Representatives and part of the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden

• This is to the person who called in, “Trump day?” I’d like to know… her list of horrible things Biden has done to this country. I’d love to see a list, and I think the other opponent’s list would be 100% longer.

• My two main reasons for not liking Biden are the open border that is ruining our country and high inflation. Also, he is mentally incapable of running a country. Others control him.

• Examples of what Biden did wrong? On August 26, 2021, (a suicide bombing at an airport in Kabul, Afghanistan) killed 13 (US soldiers).

This is about “Biden examples.” That’s pretty… weak when Republicans refused to vote on Republican Senator Lankford of Oklahoma’s border bill. … And yes, Biden has taken control of the border down there. It’s about student loan forgiveness. I guess you didn’t get the memo. If the president says it’s OK, and he’s going to do that and make it an executive order, then it’s OK to do that. … And get to the facts, newspaper people?

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