Finlay Christie: I deserve it

Finlay Christie: I deserve it

Finlay Christie: I deserve it

In I earn it Christie explores why young people secretly love climate change, why the news only targets old people, and offers a foolproof plan to get young people into the property market. He delves into his experiences at the private school that inspired the script for the sitcom Born to ruleoptioned by Boffola Pictures and shown in a pilot directed by Rosco 5 starring Isaac Hempstead-Wright from game of Thrones.

Finlay also questions whether he deserved the pitfalls of his privileged upbringing. He attended a school that focused on exam preparation, was the only one in his class to fail, and transferred to a school in east London. Craving the approval of his peers, he changed his accent, deleted all his online sketches and started rapping. He then studied Caribbean dance to distance himself even further from his heritage.

He recounts his experiences with love and heartbreak in a religiously forbidden relationship, an encounter with a tiger in Thailand, and a drug-induced paranoia that nearly cost a family member his life. And while these experiences have helped him feel more comfortable alone, they are no substitute for human connection.

Dates 2024

October 15: Birmingham Glee

23 October: Manchester, Frog and Bucket

25 October: Bristol, Hen and Chicken Studio

02 November: Edinburgh, Stand

03 November: Glasgow, Stand

07 November: Leeds, dressing room

11 November: Sheffield, Leadmill

19 November: London, Leicester Square Theatre

28 November: Brighton, Komedia