Hairdresser dies in Pine shop

Brathwaite, a popular hairdresser in Pine, St. Michael, collapsed while at work and died.

A According to eyewitness reports, a well-known hairdresser from Pine, St. Michael collapsed and died at work on Tuesday.

Anton Denton Brathwaite, believed to be in his 60s, was identified by relatives as the deceased. Brathwaite, of Dash Valley, St George, had operated Denton’s Barber Shop opposite the Department of Transport and Works for over two decades.

At the time of going to press, Barbados Police had not yet issued a statement on the incident, which is said to have occurred between 11:30 a.m. and noon.

Jamal Brathwaite, the deceased’s nephew, described his uncle as “a good man, a respectable man in this community in Pine.” He added: “Everyone knows him, he was an important figure in this community. I’m pretty sure if you asked anyone about him, they would have nothing but good things to say about him.”

When Jamal received the news of his uncle’s death, he rushed out of his home in St. George. “I just ran out of the house. I tried to run through Haggatt Hall to get here as fast as I could. I stopped a guy in a car and offered him $20 to bring me here because my uncle had just died,” he said.

According to Jamal, his uncle had shown no signs of illness. They had watched football together two Mondays earlier and Anton had recently sent a message about Jamal’s son’s graduation outfit. The deceased leaves behind a son and about five grandchildren.

A local resident, identified only as Miss Linton, said she had spoken to Brathwaite shortly before he collapsed. “When I saw him he was drinking tea but he wasn’t holding the cup straight. He was shaking. I told him to relax as he put the cup down and that I would go and come back. Before I even got past the jeep I heard him collapse,” she said.

Linton tried to help Brathwaite because she thought he was having a seizure. Visibly shaken, she added: “I’m just stunned because I saw his last breath, his last smile, his last grin. He saw all of us grow up here, I know this is going to hurt a lot of people.”

The sudden loss of this long-standing public figure is expected to be deeply felt throughout the Pine region and among visitors to the sprawling complex of buildings owned by the Ministry of Transport and the Barbados Licensing Authority.

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