Trump says he knows “nothing” about his party’s dystopian plans. True.

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Donald Trump’s top advisers are organizing an authoritarian “revolution” and recruiting a 20,000-strong “army” of loyalists to carry it out. But Trump himself claims to know nothing about this project.

Catherine Rampell / Washington Post
Catherine Rampell / Washington Post

Don’t fall for it.

For the past few years, the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation has been running a transition project called Project 2025. It includes a 900-page “policy bible”—far more comprehensive than the 16-page party platform recently released by the Republican National Committee. The Heritage document’s 30 chapters provide a detailed game plan for how the next Republican president should curtail the First Amendment, curtail gay rights, introduce Christianity into more government functions, repeal climate and environmental regulations, and generally restrict reproductive care and health care. Oh, and it also dismantles large swathes of the federal government, concentrating more power in the hands of the president.

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