The Star Wars actor who openly refuses to admit that Morgan Freeman is his voice acting rival

Forget all the rumors about a rivalry! war of stars Legend James Earl Jones shuts down rumors of a competition with Morgan Freeman. Jones respects Freeman’s talent and insists that their styles are quite different. The war of stars The voice actor’s deep, iconic tone – the one that brought Darth Vader to life – is simply unparalleled, and Freeman’s is no slouch.

James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer in THE COMPOSER 2 |  Paramount Pictures
James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer in THE COMPOSER 2 | Paramount Pictures

This refreshing perspective from a Hollywood voice icon reminds us: There is room for many unforgettable voices to tell our world.

Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones celebrate unique narrative styles

Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd
Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd from the film The Shawshank Redemption | Castle Rock Entertainment

Morgan Freeman, the voice of God himself, and James Earl Jones, the man behind Darth Vader’s iconic breathing? Rivals? In a recent interview with the New York Times, the voice actor refuted rumors of a competition between him and Freeman, alluding to: “Oh no. That’s a completely different sound.”

Sure, both are praised for their smooth, rich voices, which have narrated countless documentaries and captivated audiences for decades. Both even hail from the South. But for Jones, the comparisons stop there. He appreciates the special charm that Freeman brings, Jones explained:

He and I are both from the South, but Morgan never lost his Southern accent. It’s not a black Southern voice, but there’s something about his voice that’s a Southern gentleman, and that’s what makes it so wonderful to listen to.

Jones, a real actor with a career spanning over sixty years, is much more than just a voice. He has won several awards and voiced characters such as Mufasa in The Lion King and the legendary Darth Vader comes to life on the screen.

But let’s be honest: The dark, booming voice of Darth Vader is probably what most people think of when they hear James Earl Jones. And Jones himself? He doesn’t quite understand the hype. In an interview with the NY Times, he admits:

I don’t hear the voice you hear, I’m not a fan of the Darth Vader tone of voice. I just use the voice I have to try to be as clear as possible with the language I use.

So there you have it. James Earl Jones, a legend in his own right, appreciates the artistry of Morgan Freeman’s voice, but rivalry? No. These two titans of storytelling are simply doing their thing, each with their own unique “sound.”

Who has the better voice: Freeman or Jones? Twitter responds

James Earl Jones in Coming to America (1988)
James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer in THE COMPOSER 2 | Paramount Pictures

There is a heated argument on Twitter! Among the fans of the voice actors there is a dispute about who is the best: James Earl Jones (the war of stars Figure Darth Vader and The Lion King Mufasan) or Morgan Freeman (who brought God to life in Bruce Almighty?)

James Earl Jones made his film debut in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove (1964) and received a Golden Globe nomination for Claudine (1974). His famous works include The Lion King (2019) and Coming to America 2 (2021). Freeman, on the other hand, told The journey of the penguins (2005) and moderated Through the wormhole (2010–2017). He also worked on the production of projects such as Secretary (2014–2019) on CBS.