Trustwell Living at Bell Gardens Place celebrates with ribbon cutting

Trustwell Living at Bell Gardens Place in Hillsboro celebrated its reopening on July 9 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting by the Highland County Chamber of Commerce in the presence of family, friends, residents and community members.

Trustwell Living is located at 251 Harry Sauner Road, Hillsboro.

“The entire Hillsboro community was wonderful in supporting us and coming to our aid when we had the fire,” said Sydney Simons, executive director of Bell Gardens Place. “I could never have done this renovation without my staff.”

Trustwell Living allows residents to look forward to the next chapter of their lives without worrying about stressors like home maintenance. For more information, visit the company’s website at… or call (937) 403-0226.

About the Highland County Chamber of Commerce: The Highland County Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, member-driven organization representing the business community of Highland County. The many plans and programs the Chamber offers to its investors, combined with county workforce development initiatives and local, state and federal legislative/advocacy efforts, position the Chamber as a leading organization in Highland County. For more information, visit

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